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January 18th, 2009 by AZ

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Welcome to Bible Discovered:  as we provide information on modern day events, world crisis and natural disasters as prophesied in the Bible and the mystical Torah Codes interpreted by Hebrew scholars

In addition we hope viewers will learn from the documentation on Biblical History through discoveries in Archaeology, historical documentation of the Israelites, events, places and peoples of interest to the Holy Land, past and present. You will find that Biblical history is not a book of fiction. The Torah provides wisdom and guidance for all mankind and redemption for all souls in the universe.

We hope our readers realize that todays world is not living in harmony with Divine creation. We are all obliged to follow the Noahide Laws.

“Bringing the Bible to Life”: The majority of the world’s population has either not read or does not understand the Bible. Hence, we suggest you have a Bible to use as a historical reference when reading various articles on this site. The Decalogue will change your life. Ancient wisdom, good advice; teach the world!

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If we are going to live in a world where there is tolerance of cultural diversity then we have to make ourselves aware of the differences and the commonalities of all nations of peoples, the good, the bad and the ugly.

We may not agree, but we can acknowledge our differences, the bigotry or prejudice, xenophobia, racism or discrimination that exists in our global society, when we have the  information to do so.

The Hebrew Bible describes human nature and we can see how history repeats itself; same scenarios but with different names of people. The question always is, “What do you believe is truth?”  

“There are Posts that demonstrate the evil inclination of humanity and if you are Biblically versed then you should be capable of discerning the events of modern day with a comparison to the scriptures of the Hebrew Bible. Where do you fit in the global ethos of good and evil?

The Holy Land, Israel, the Jews or whatever relative term one uses is without a doubt the hottest topic that makes daily headlines and which has been a subject of interest throughout the world for 6000 years. It is this nation of Hebrew peoples that is least understood.

Written Biblical history sets the scenario as we research all the lands and their dynasties mentioned in the  Bible, which have an additional history to contribute to the biblical stories. Therefore we have included a “Lands of the Bible” category which will add an interesting twist with our findings. What is most informative are the various ethnic peoples that originated in each of these lands and the eventual mix or assimilation of cultures in the Far or Middle East.

Today descendants of the Kingdom of Israelites [the twelve tribes or children of Jacob/Israel] live among us throughout the world.  The Israelites were commissioned by [Divine Authority] to teach us all, the wisdom of the Torah. Although we accept the Hebrew Bible as Holy, we have yet to master the hidden wisdom within it which was meant for all mankind.

Discover the Holy Land’s historical facts through; Antiquities of archaeological exploration’s and other evidence of the Kingdom of Israelites ancient Holy Land; the Ancient Israelites hidden treasures and secrets of the past; The Kingdoms Burial Tombs of Kings, Queens, Princes, Prophets and VIP’s; Sacred Places; Biblical Maps; and the most intriguing Antiquities of the Holy Land photographs. All of which did exist and therefore the facts replace fiction.

The Israel Antiquities Authority and other World Museums display the Kingdoms of Israel’s history and treasures. There is reason to believe there are major antiquities taken by foreign nations from the Kingdoms of Israelites that are kept under lock and key archives, many to remain hidden from the world.

The spiritual warfare of religions of the world and the Kingdom of Israelites:  The Holy Land clearly is historically the indigenous Kingdom and homeland of the Israelite Hebrew Jewish nation, descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and the spiritual center of Hebrew Torah Judaism. The Divine presence and miraculous events in the history of the Kingdoms of the Hebrew Israelite Nation occurred in their homeland.

What is the world’s attraction to this Holy Land? This land has limitations of natural resources, water and sustainability? We have photographic and written documentation from 1890 AD which verifies the ethnic populations throughout the entire region of the holy land and its topography. Of note there were less than 10,000 nomadic Arabs and non Jewish  foreigners living throughout the Holy Land.

The land was a desolate region of swamp and desert for two millennium up until one hundred years ago when Diaspora Jews joined the Jews who have lived in the Holy Land for thousands of years. Together they re-built and re-settled their land after the end of the occupation of the Ottoman Empire and other foreign invaders.

Is it possible that the neighbors of modern day Israel are in fact lost members of the tribes of Israelites? Is the Hashemite kingdom actually a mixed multitude of the tribes of Ruben or Gad or both? Are the Syrians from Dan? Lebanon from Asher and Naphtali? Saudi Arabia  from Simeon.  Check out Lost and Hidden Jews.

In the context of spiritual enlightenment, over half a million ancient Hebrew Israelites, descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, all witnessed and documented in detail their supernatural experiences with Divinity as it is written in the Hebrew bible...

We can also assume by their own documented admissions that the ancient Egyptians, Arabians, Persians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans  and other non Israelites also witnessed many supernatural occurrences in the Kingdom of Israelites. The history and antiquities of foreign nations certainly validate these facts. Our research indicated you don’t want to test the opposite of this one; Genesis 12:3. The Divine uses natural law to discipline mankind..   

The End Times; Armageddon and The Era of the Messiah: The Messiah will have to be a righteous person who fulfills the laws in the Torah. The Messiah is not coming from the dead, he is coming from the living. There is a post on this site which sets out the qualifications required for the Messiah. Who will it be from among the nations and when?


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Through the Divine master plan of the external universe and by our observance of the Laws of the Universe we integrate the outer universe with the personal universe that is inside us. Thus human beings, by elevating their souls to unite with the Divine realm also elevate all other entities in the cosmos. That is the essence of spiritual enlightenment. This is the key to finding the meaning of Peace on Earth” - Genesis 12:3

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