100 B.C. to 200 AD: Israel Under the Roman Invasion
October 29th, 2011 by SM

Israel Under the Roman Invasion

Israel Under the Roman Invasion

NOTE: there is no Palestine or Palestinian peoples identified on the map.

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  • Scurrilous Bill writes:
    July 28th, 20124:05 amat

    Leaving aside your grammatical errors, let me ask who you think was living there at the time? The Palestinians are the descendants of the people who lived there 2000 years ago. The Diaspora might have removed a few people from that area but most stayed – as any reading of real rather than Biblical history shows. And where did the evidence for this map come from? It may pretend to be old but it’s written in English!

    Editor’s Note: The Romans renamed the territory of the Israelites “Palestina”, hence all the Jews would have been referred to as “Palestinans” by the Romans and later by the British 2000 years later. Maps were translated into English…common sense. See the article on the name Palestine.

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