Zebulon son of Jacob
February 23rd, 2009 by Shahriar

The Tomb of Zebulon is located in Sidon, Lebanon. In the past, towards the end of Iyyar, Jews from the most distant parts of Palestine would make a pilgrimage to this tomb. Zebulon was the sixth son of Jacob and Leah and the Prince of the Israelite Tribe of Zebulan. With Leah as a matriarch the tribe is regarded as a part of the original Israelite confederation.

The text of the Torah gives two different etymologies for the name Zebulon; the first being that it derives from zebed, the word for gift, in reference to Leah’s view that her gaining of six sons was a gift from G-d; the second being that it derives from yizbeleni, meaning honour, in reference to Leah’s hope that Jacob would give her honour now that she had given birth to six sons. In Deuteronomy, an allusion is made to a third potential etymology that it may be connected with zibhe, literally meaning sacrifice, in reference to commercial activities of the tribe of Zebulon a commercial agreement made at Mount Tabor between the tribe of Zebulon and a group of non-Israelites was referred to as zibhe-tzedek, literally meaning sacrifice to justice or sacrifice to Tzedek.The Torah states that Zebulon had three sons – Sered, Elon and Jahleel, each the Prince of a clan. Beyond this, there is little other reference to Zebulon.

Tomb of Zebulon in Sidon, Lebanon

Tomb of Zebulon in Sidon, Lebanon

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